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in columbus, here on "the stephanie miller show." hi dan. >> caller: hey, stephanie. my congressional district is right next to john boehners, and if anyone thinks he's the voice of reason, they need to come and read the columbus dispatch to see some of the stuff that he says that is even more inflammatory than the stuff he has been saying the last week or so. he cares about one thing, and that's keeping himself in the speaker office and keeping canter out. if he makes any deal he'll have to start moving his bourbon bottles out of the liquor cabinet. thank you. >> stephanie: that's all you hear, clinking of bottles. >> just a minute. i'll be out in a minute. i have some stuff to do. >> stephanie: when eric cantor finally overthrows him that's when you'll here clink clink clink, hang on. >> i don't have that sound effect. >> stephanie: the third time you're fired. >> it smells like a staff northwestern here. >> you know, he has bottles behind the radiator, all these hiding places. >> stephanie: and he has stolen them from planes for emergencies. 58 minutes after the hour. right back on "the ste
for obama. it was cleveland columbus and dayton were out. those are democratic strong holds. so i love this -- john -- what's his name? >> husted. >> stephanie: so he -- he had this press conference. did you see. he had a large screen that showed -- there weren't that many votes separating obama and romney. he emphasized most of the votes that had yet to come in were from urban areas. >> so they don't count. >> in case you haven't noticed he's black. >> stephanie: he avoided saying specifically that those areas tend to vote democratic because they're. >> black. >> oh my goodness, he's black. >> stephanie: he invited reporters to examine the results of past elections and draw your own conclusions. >> stephanie: blacks. >> black people. you know what i'm talking about. do i have to say it? >> stephanie: does he have any point say -- the voter suppression didn't work. good night. slam. >> backfired, big time. >> stephanie: you know why obama won ohio, chris? dave swagger. >> he's with -- >> stephanie: ohio.
on this cake. from columbus, an audio from election night when he was having his meltdown when the results were coming in. >> you listen to me! i want it reopened right now. get those brokers back in here! turn those machines back on! turn those machines back on! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: karl rove's people, mortimer duke from trade be places. >> i enjoyed seeing him jump off the balcony. >> stephanie: the part where his brother is having a heart attack. [bleep] him. turn those machines back on. >> do you think somebody from the tea party who got his credit card canceled overnight might have been a little upset? >> who said i am now predicting a 330 electoral vote for mitt romney? [buzzer] >> i am predicting 321-217 landslide for romney. george will. the general who's always been wrong about everything. ever. in the history of things. >> who said it won't be close i predict a romney victory by 120 electoral votes. >> ghandi. >> for the win who said we're going to win by a landslide romney's going to carry 325 electoral votes. >> dick sergeant? >> stephanie: because it was being morris. >> that
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3